Reviving Your Restaurant Business During COVID19 With FoodPanda Clone App
    Operating a business amidst the pandemic and on and off lockdown is challenging. Let’s face it, this “New Normal” is going to stay. We need to accept this fact and move on with our lives. Businesses are becoming incompetent, launching their products and services online. To survive in these precedent times, launching on-demand mobile apps are the life saviors. The majority of the businesses are going online, developing food delivery apps like Foodpanda. People however have become conscious about their safety when ordering food through the app. Apps like Foodpanda have managed to keep the restaurant business brimming in Covid19, offering high-quality services throughout this period. Pandemic’s Positive Impact On Food Delivery Business With the government imposing strict lockdown in the countries, citizens were left with no options that ordering food and daily essentials online.  Apps like FoodPanda were serving their customers throughout the pandemic by offering “Contactless” deliveries thus, ensuring to completely follow COVID19 safety measures. Contact-less deliveries along with other safety measures like Safety Badge, Safety checklist, Face Mask verification plays a vital role in building confidence post lockdown. The users have opted for this new normal by opting for on-demand food delivery apps. Thus building FoodPanda Clone App will enable them to satisfy a wide range of customers by addressing their growing food ordering demands. How Food Delivery Apps Like FoodPanda Can Help Restaurants With food deliveries have taken the center stage of the restaurant's survival, the owners have started seeing the benefits of leveraging their version of on-demand food delivery apps like FoodPanda. It might sound weird of launching an on-demand food delivery app, but if we look at the long term benefit, developing FoodPanda Clone App can help restaurants to:
  • Reduce overheads
  • Improves customer loyalty
  • Reach wider audience
  • Increased cash inflow
  • Brand awareness
  • Automates your entire food ordering and delivery business
  • Streamlines the business
  • Brings stability
If restaurants are unable to develop their food delivery apps, they are partnering with the aggregator model app where they can list their food ordering and delivery services and pay commission accordingly. This is the best option for those who are unable to spend huge or have no capital. Best Practices And Other Considerations To get the most from the FoodPanda Clone App, the restaurant owners should integrate new features, as well as COVID19 safety features, can get the most during the pandemic:
  • Restaurants commission enables the admin to set different commission rates for every restaurant/cafe/eateries, etc.
  • Diverse payment options allow your customers to pay through multiple secured payment gateways like Credit card/debit card, Wallet, Google Pay, etc.
  • Day wise separate time slots allow the restaurants to be flexible with their operation hours. Thus, can modify their workdays and timings as per the customer demands
  • Item name searching allows the users to search restaurants as well as the items offering quick search
  • Voice instructions for delivery drivers enable the users to put a voice note to the drivers for delivery preferences.
  • Order cancellation options for delivery drivers, in case, if they are unable to deliver the orders.
  • Upload pictures of the kitchen that allows the users to know that restaurants are following best safety practices
  • The graphical status of orders feature allows the user to see their status order in an illustrative icon form through in-app notifications
  Food delivery applications like FoodPanda are popular, but this Pandemic has pushed them to make it a necessity to survive and successful restaurant operations. If we talk about the present situation of the cafes, restaurants, and eateries they have to close their dine-in options and shift them to take away or door-step delivery options. Regardless, dine-in options opening with limited seating capacity the restaurant owners are heavily relying on food delivery apps.   In Conclusion Like so many other businesses, eateries, cafes, and restaurants are competing. With the on-demand food delivery landscape being competitive this post-covid19 crisis will require efficient technology to make sure you stay ahead in the competition. Integrating your FoodPanda Clone App with new features more efficient technology that helps serving customers in a better way. The sooner you start adapting to these technological changes the better it helps your restaurant to survive in COVID19. Approaching a top mobile app development company that has helped startups to fulfill their objective by providing scalable apps.  

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