App state football :Date switched for Marshall-Appalachian State game

In 2020, Marshall added Appalachian State to its soccer calendar in a late change after confusion due to COVID-19.Friday morning, the 2021 clash between the teams also changed, but it is more of a luxury than a necessity.

The 2021 competition between two former Southern Conference rivals at Kidd Brewer Stadium in Boone, North Carolina, has been moved from September 25 to September 23.

The game has been moved to television considerations. According to the Appalachian State version, the start time and network will be announced this summer. Thursday night's clash will likely be affiliated with ESPN, according to sources and app state football.

The game is the first of a home series between the teams that was originally signed in 2015 by Marshall Athletic Director Mike Hamrick and Appalachian State Athletic Director Doug Gillin. It was one of Gillin "s first series signed as Appalachian State Athletic Director, occurring two months after he was at work.

Last year"s game occurred after both teams "s non-conference schedules were destroyed by cancellations and conference rules in terms of games that let everyone fight for games.

Marshall then defeated ... No. 23 Appalachian State 17-7 in a defensive battle at Joan C. Edwards Stadium( app state football).

This year's battle will be one of the first games for new coach Marshall Charles Huff, who inherits a wealth of talent from a team that finished 7-3 and as the Eastern Conference champions.

Press Conference of Head Coach (app state football)

i've been a head coach for four years  and i'm sure i'll have all kinds of  different scenarios  but being up eight with 30 seconds but  credit texas state  they were making tough threes and um  was trying to get to a foul there at the  end but didn't wasn't able to execute it  credit them they made a shot but so  proud of our guys  for regrouping getting overtime  toughing it out and finding a way to win  but  overall just an incredible college  basketball game  thank you coach this time we'll go to  questions uh you kind of referenced it a  little bit about the challenges of  coming back  you know but what did you kill i just we  studied adversity in the preseason and  and i just reminded them of that hey  listen  uh we studied this and uh we've got to  regroup make the next play  the game is not over so don't act like  it's over  and um i i thought our bench really  rallied some guys up  especially justin forrest who you know  missed the game-winning free throw  and he really got lifted up and then  you know seeing that ball go in the  basket for him was huge and app state football.

But um  you know it wasn't easy you know you're  up eight and  30 seconds and and you know certainly  that's not easy but  um you know i thought  just  an incredible all right don and gregory  but that's basketball  that's basketball but credit him credit  his teammates for  lifting him up getting them through the  moment and guess what  when it really really mattered he made  him incredibly proud of him and  and and the grit that he showed  best shooting day honestly had a great  game but missed some shots but when it  came down to it all of them  took care of business on the court how  does that make you feel  about your team  well incredibly great people in our  locker room that really care for one  another  and uh listen i credit texas state  they're the top defensive team in the  league i think  we're second but um they're not you're  not gonna get any easy looks against  those guys  and so um our guy's missing shots you  know what that's  that's part of it but justin forrest 14  for 17 from the free throw line  that's incredible um and so um  but i thought defensively we got  critical stops when we needed to get  stops  and um we went on a really good run  there defensively we yeah we got some  shots to them but we got stops  um and just a just a great college.

Basketball game  tournament play marge madness here we  are  talking specifically on honesty he did a  little bit of everything for you  including hitting a huge shot how much  did he mean to your team tonight  a lot you know certainly primary ball  handler but  you know he's got some moxie to him he's  got some um some attitude to him in a  good way he lifts others  and um you know you know certainly he  said after the game this is why i came  here  that's why i came here to play for this  opportunity he said that  in the tunnel before we got the locker  room and so you know  he left it on the floor he was the only  one all of our guys i mean all of our  guys make some big moments  on both ends i know you're used to  playing back-to-backs especially this  season but our back-to-back close games  and a tournament atmosphere  more grueling oh yeah  for sure but that's what you expect.

 you  know this is the third most competitive  league in the country  and so uh i'm not surprised by it you  know  right before us arkansas state and  georgia is a close game like  there's going to be a lot of close games  it's march madness um  neutral court this is fun though this is  what you played for this is what you're  in the  in the october um you know weight room  sessions and and the conditioning and  and the in the extra film sessions this  is what you do it for the extra shooting  to have this opportunity and  my experience you get to the semifinals  it's uh  it's open ball game uh how did you  adjust on both ends of the floor when  james lewis had to leave the game

So at halftime and i credit james for  being a team guy said coach i really  want to go  but i don't want to hurt the team i just  can't  do it defensively  and so um credit rj dewhard i don't know  if he came out in the second half he  he gave us some huge minutes uh  especially him and donovan playing with  four fouls  we went zone we got down 8 10 maybe we  went  zone it really changed the game but then  they got comfortable we went back man  and um and so but that  [Music]  helped us uh you know get them out of  rhythm offensively  the first 37 minutes of the game the two  teams scored 100 points total  and then in the last eight minutes you  guys combined to score about 30 points  including a guy like ashbury who was  over seven from behind the arc and hits  those long threes what changed down the  stretch in the game good players there's  a lot of good players on the court  has been very sure not wide open neither  were our players our players made tough  shots  [Music]  there's a lot of good players out there  and um and that's what happens  um good players make good plays  was there any advantage for you and  already having played a game in this  tournament do you think  i think so i think so my experience as a  coach i think that  uh especially the first game and i've  been a part of the we're in their  situation where you're you're sitting  there waiting  it's not easy the pressure's on you the  other team's got to win the other team's  got some confidence i definitely  you know certainly thought it was an  advantage  uh one final question advantage of  absolutely having a day off before  one final question you'll play coastal  tomorrow for the first time this season  uh how much have you scouted them and  what do you know about them  not recently but when we were shut down  with our paws we were  we thought  and then when we came off pause because  we had georgia state cancelled and so we  were trying to test out of quarantine  and so we were ready to go  with coastal uh i watched several games  during quarantine and then all of a  sudden we realized we weren't gonna be  able to get out  and those games got canceled so we've  had the preparation up to that point  obviously we'll catch up with the recent  games  thank you very much for your time  tonight coach we really appreciate it  and uh good luck and we'll see you  tomorrow  shortly  and i was correct hello justin can you  hear me okay  yeah i can hear you how you doing good  good thank you very much for taking the  time to join us tonight  uh we're going i'm going to be asking  you all the questions that the media  have for you this evening  all right our first question  for you uh relates to the overtime you  had a huge three with 216 to go  then you grabbed a key rebound and hit  two free throws  what what were you thinking at that  point in the game when when you needed  to  have some big shots um i just knew it  was winning time  um and we had to pull away at that  moment we had an opportunity and  we had to take advantage of it uh my  teammates kept  hearing me on kept giving me that  confidence and uh we all just knew it  was time so we had to do  we needed to do you had 28 points in the  game  you shot great from the line you did  miss a free throw in the final seconds  that gave them the chance to come back  was that weighing on your mind at all in  overtime  um my teammate it was going into the  huddle before over time but you know my  coaches and teammates we  they preached next makes our next play  mentality and uh that's what i did you  know it was over with nothing i could do  about it at that point i knew we had to  go out and play another five minutes and  over to get the job done  you have an eight-point lead with about  a minute to go in the game  and then they hit some miracle shots to  force overtime  how tough is it to get yourself focused  again to play the overtime period  um well we know the game is not over  until you see triple zeros and you know  they hit some tough shots  uh going into that that late second half  to put us into overtime  and we knew we just had to come out and  play harder over time so we wouldn't  have to go into another one  uh credit their team like i said down  the stretch they did  they made some incredible shots but you  know they weren't hitting all the games  so it was expectable  but we just needed to do what we did to  get the job done and we did  this question was asked if your coach  also you're used to  [Music]  and  but now you've played that really  tomorrow and playing again  so uh recovery for the next day so we're  gonna go back to the hotel watch film  take care of our bikes like sup hilla  and i'll be ready to come out here and  play another game tomorrow  hold on i'm waiting to see if we have  any additional questions for justin  any questions for justin please  justin i think you can head back to the  locker room and get ready for tomorrow  you need your rest  thank you for joining us no problem  thank you  

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